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Mint Green Suede LoafersMint Green Suede Loafers
Mint Green Suede Loafers Sale price€550,00
Green Suede LoafersGreen Suede Loafers
Green Suede Loafers Sale price€550,00
Medium Blue Suede Slip-OnMedium Blue Suede Slip-On
Medium Blue Suede Slip-On Sale price€590,00
Beige Double Buckle Suede LoafersBeige Double Buckle Suede Loafers
White Round-Toe Suede LoafersWhite Round-Toe Suede Loafers
Cognac Suede Penny LoaferCognac Suede Penny Loafer
Cognac Suede Penny Loafer Sale price€580,00
Blue Suede Penny LoaferBlue Suede Penny Loafer
Blue Suede Penny Loafer Sale price€580,00
Brown Crocodile Tassel LoafersBrown Crocodile Tassel Loafers
Santoni black crocodile loafer shoesBlack Crocodile Loafers
Black Crocodile Loafers Sale price€4.450,00
Loafers santoni navy blue modele Malibu.Blue Round-Toe Suede Loafers
mocassin santoni homme noir pompon orange.Black Leather Andrea Tassel Loafers
Medium Blue Suede Desert BootsMedium Blue Suede Desert Boots
Neutral Shoe CreamNeutral Shoe Cream
Neutral Shoe Cream Sale price€35,00
Brown Shoe CreamBrown Shoe Cream
Brown Shoe Cream Sale price€35,00
Black Shoe CreamBlack Shoe Cream
Black Shoe Cream Sale price€35,00
Blue Shoe CreamBlue Shoe Cream
Blue Shoe Cream Sale price€35,00
Branded Brass ShoehornBranded Brass Shoehorn
Branded Brass Shoehorn Sale price€50,00
Wooden Shoe TreeWooden Shoe Tree
Wooden Shoe Tree Sale price€85,00
Small Wooden Brush Natural Rubber Mixed Horsehair BristlesSmall Wooden Brush Natural Rubber Mixed Horsehair Bristles
Medium Wooden Brush Mixed Horsehair BristlesMedium Wooden Brush Mixed Horsehair Bristles
Medium Wooden brush Mixed Brass Horsehair BristlesMedium Wooden brush Mixed Brass Horsehair Bristles
Shampoo Nubuck & SuedeShampoo Nubuck & Suede
Shampoo Nubuck & Suede Sale price€35,00
Brown Embossed Leather Weekend BagBrown Embossed Leather Weekend Bag
Reviving Spray Nubuck & SuedeReviving Spray Nubuck & Suede
Camel Leather The Pluto BagCamel Leather The Pluto Bag
Camel Leather The Pluto Bag Sale price€1.790,00
santoni woman bag Pluto black.advertising santoni bag Pluto.
Black Leather The Pluto Bag Sale price€1.790,00
White Leather The Pluto BagWhite Leather The Pluto Bag
White Leather The Pluto Bag Sale price€1.790,00
Light Blue Leather The Pluto BagLight Blue Leather The Pluto Bag
Brown Round-Toe Suede LoafersBrown Round-Toe Suede Loafers
Sandale beige santoni femme double boucle beigeBeige Woven Leather Double-Buckle Slide Sandal
high heel santoni shoes black mona.Black Leather High-Heel Mona Sandal
Green Woven Leather LoafersGreen Woven Leather Loafers
White Panelled Leather SneakersWhite Panelled Leather Sneakers
loafer santoni man Penny blackW38
santoni woman suede desert bootsW14
Beige Suede Desert Boots Sale price€590,00
santoni woman shopper bag beigeBeige Fabric Shopper
Beige Fabric Shopper Sale price€2.900,00
Mid Heel Bright Beige Shoes 85mmMid Heel Bright Beige Shoes 85mm
Women's brown leather high-heel Beyond sandalWomen's brown leather high-heel Beyond sandal
Women Brown Woven Leather HandbagWomen Brown Woven Leather Handbag
Santoni woman pink loaferW22
woman santoni suede beige loafersW2


Santoni online shop


Santoni, an Italian haute couture brand, has captured the hearts of fashion consumers around the world with its luxury designs and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Widely known for its handmade shoes, Santoni has become a trusted name in the fashion industry, promising elegance, sophistication and unparalleled quality.

Santoni's fascinating career
Santoni started in Italy, where he cultivated a passion for fashion and design. The brand prides itself on its craftsmanship and dedication to creating shoes that are true works of art. Every Santoni product goes through a meticulous manual production process, ensuring unparalleled quality and care down to the smallest detail.

Enter the world of Santoni
Santoni is known for its range of luxury shoes ranging from formal to casual shoes. However, the brand's offering is not limited to shoes. She has also branched out into leather and accessories fashion, with a range of bags, belts and wallets that feature the same elegance and quality as her shoes.

Popular articles about Santoni
Shoes for men and women are among Santoni's most popular products. Women's shoes, boots and moccasins have also become famous among fashion lovers. Furthermore, the brand is also popular for its high-quality leather bags and stylish belts.

Why Santoni stands out from the rest
Aside from its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, what truly sets Santoni apart is its dedication to authentic Italian fashion. Each product carries a touch of sophistication and Italian elegance that the brand symbolizes. Additionally, unlike many other fashion brands, Santoni remains true to its roots and traditions, ensuring that each product is a true reflection of its rich heritage. Santoni is a brand that promises much more than fashion. With every product they create, they offer an experience, an opportunity to appreciate the true art of Italian fashion. This is why Santoni has managed to stay at the top of the fashion industry and why it will continue to be a brand loved by many in the future.

Particularities of Santoni
What sets Santoni apart is its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each product is designed and created with the greatest care, ensuring that every detail is perfect. The brand is also known for its elegance and sophistication, with designs that are timeless and always on trend.

Innovation in Santoni designs
One of the pillars of Santoni's philosophy is constant innovation. They are continually looking for ways to improve and evolve, both in terms of design and manufacturing techniques. This innovative mindset has allowed Santoni to stay at the forefront of fashion and continue to offer products that are both high quality and absolutely stylish.

Buy Santoni products at Fahionitalia
At Fashionitalia we offer you a wide range of Santoni products, from its luxury shoes to its elegant accessories. Shopping on our platform is simple and convenient, and we ensure that every product is authentic and of the highest quality. So, if you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe, Santoni is a perfect choice.